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 Law Enforcement Owned + Veteran Owned

FEDS Apparel is happy to deepen our commitment to those we uniform by offering a platform for first responders to showcase their businesses and sell their products, at no additional charge!


Manufactures Description:

12oz Exfil is our decaf blend. We realize that there are warriors out there that perhaps need to watch their caffeine intake for either health or personal reasons. We know that being a Warrior isn’t easy but no matter when or where the fight takes place, sometimes a cup of coffee is just the thing that can help you relax and get ready for more. The term Exfil comes from Exfiltration and in the military is used to refer to end of mission. Whether it’s at the end of your day or just to start a new one, we want you to be able to enjoy a cup of premium quality coffee. Even the strongest warriors need some time to refocus and reassess. We are here for you. And remember, the Battle continues. Always!


This item is not stocked by FEDS Apparel. All orders fulfilled by vendor.

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