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 Law Enforcement Owned + Veteran Owned

FEDS Apparel is happy to deepen our commitment to those we uniform by offering a platform for first responders to showcase their businesses and sell their products, at no additional charge!


Manufactures Description:

Our 12oz NVG Dark roast is a special blend derived from South and Central America. This dark roast blend is so dark, you’re going to need night vision goggles (NVGs) to get through it! All jokes aside though, the packaging for this dark roast was designed with the mindset that we have all either had or will have dark moments in life. In the military and also in tactical units within police departments, NVGs are used to allow soldiers and police/ SWAT personnel to maneuver through and overcome obstacles/ terrains in complete darkness. We wanted our NVG to be a nod to what night vision goggles allow these warriors to accomplish, and give you the inspiration that no matter what hardships or darkness you face, you WILL overcome. 


This item is not stocked by FEDS Apparel. All orders fulfilled by vendor.

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