Weekend Warrior

Style: Ground



Law Enforcement Owned

FEDS Apparel is happy to deepen our commitment to those we uniform by offering a platform for first responders to showcase their businesses and sell their products, at no additional charge!


Manufactures Description:

12oz Weekend Warrior was originally created as a friendly jab at our National Guard and Reserve military brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, these service men and women are all warriors that are trained to fight and to be deadly if necessary. With this in mind we decided on a light roast, because many people have the perception that light roast coffee is the weakest out of all coffee roasts, yet light roast has more caffeine than medium and dark roasts due to the roasting process. We also went with a Trojan horse design, as it goes hand in hand with the Weekend Warrior and Light roast coffee concepts. During the battle of Troy, the enemy took the Trojan horse lightly and took it inside their gates, not knowing that it was full of deadly warriors inside. This said, our Weekend Warrior is our ultimate “sleeper” and our greatest nod at our Weekend Warriors out there. We see you and we honor you!


This item is not stocked by FEDS Apparel. All orders fulfilled by vendor.

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