This option is only for use by P-CARD or Purchasing Managers. Self Procured bulk orders must be initiated by emailing
Skip the line and put your own quote together. By using the codes below at checkout all items will automatically be TAX EXEMPT and have bulk order pricing built in. These codes are only to be used if ordering multiple of the same item. Mix and matching of multiple items to obtain bulk pricing will result in a purchase being canceled and refunded. 
For ordering for 1-12 items:
For ordering for 13-24 items:
For ordering for 15-49 items:
For ordering for 50-74 items:
For ordering for 75-100+ items:
Please note that the use of any of these codes are subject to final review. FEDS Apparel reserves the right to cancel and refund any purchase(s) for any reason i.e. improper use of the code(s), or ineligible items.