Orders from Purchasing Managers is overseen by Feds Apparel Contract Specialists.

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My agency is not listed, can I enroll my agency to use Feds Apparel for agency branded apparel?

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Does Feds Apparel accept purchase orders?


Does Feds Apparel accept government issued purchase cards?


How does Feds Apparel appear on banking records?

Feds Apparel Uniform Solutions

I need further customization than what is listed on the site. Can you help?

Yes. It's possible that embroidered polos can be customized further. A minimum order quantity maybe required after review.

For additional customization on screen printed apparel, a minimum order quantity of 24 units will be required. There is no set up fee.


Can I get special pricing if my entire office/unit orders together?

Yes. We take it even further and create a special code for you and your team to use. With the use of the group code everyone is able to order separately so you don't have to place a large order and collect money from everyone individually. Also the code will ensure all uniforms meet the same requirements set by the organizer (color, text, logo etc).
I don't see what I'm looking for, can Feds Apparel customize items not readily available on the site?
Yes. What's listed on the the site is a just a fraction of what we do. We are able to embellish anything needed for uniforming purposes. It's likely minimum order quantites will be required.