Style: Ground


 Law Enforcement Owned + Veteran Owned

FEDS Apparel is happy to deepen our commitment to those we uniform by offering a platform for first responders to showcase their businesses and sell their products, at no additional charge!


Manufactures Description:

WARNING! Sh** just got real! This blend is unlike any of our other blends.  12oz DEFCON RED is a hyper-caffeinated blend that will get you ready for just about anything. The actual DEFCON system was created by U.S joint chief of staff and is a system comprised of five levels that signify readiness/ alert conditions. Level five(blue) is the lowest state of readiness, while level one(white) is maximum response and that nuclear war is imminent. Level two (RED) is the next step to nuclear war and requires armed forces to be ready to engage. Our DEFCON RED is a nod at this high alert status! Its high caffeine content will put you on high alert and ready to engage whatever challenge comes your way!


This item is not stocked by FEDS Apparel. All orders fulfilled by vendor.

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